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i am earthling your child

composition of your elements

structure akin to your waters,

your clay, roots and rocks


all i have, is your generosity

the very nutrients of your body, you share with me

your seasons within me

spring’s new ideas, renewed vitality

summer heart-warming, growth

autumn’s appreciation, abundance

winter rest and inwardness

as the mystery of life un-folds in nature’s un-hurried way

may i acknowledge and grant respect to the season i am feeling

from the edge of new beginnings
woven into the delicacy of what is coming to a close

at the cusp of expansion, the crest of delight

forming prayers of surrender to my cycle of seasonal energies

each bearing a legacy for the next

unwrapping spiralling awareness

Dawn Rafferty

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing that has been and is practiced in many cultures throughout the world, under different names and in different ways.

The energy or “spirit” of the plant works its extraordinary healing, rather than the physical parts of the plant. The result is a transformational yet gentle form of healing in spirit, mind and body.

I am a registered Plant Spirit Medicine lay spiritual healer.

I graduated and was initiated in 2004 after two years intensive training with Alison Gayek and Eliot Cowan author of Plant Spirit Medicine and Shaman in the un-broken Huichol tradition of remote North West Mexico.