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if you want peace, be peace

stop waiting for peace to happen

peace does not ‘happen’

peace Is

simply and purely remember

peace always is at peace

the trees know, the breeze knows

The flowers, the rocks

they do not go off looking for

or pining after peace

they simply live in it

peace is here

live in it

acknowledge its presence now in moment

peace only resides in the present moment

not after this, not after that

not tomorrow or next week

breathe it, practice it, connect with it

call on me to help you my darling children.


      Dawn Rafferty


March wind

blow blow blow away my comfort zone

carry it on a prayer to the wide reaches of heaven and earth

scoop it up in scurrying leaves dancing across exposed green fields

shift it, stir it, shake my comfort zone

through clanking hazelwood and creaking old hawthorns

around whistling ancient yew trees

and in your scattering

die it a death of sorts and birth it a re-birth

of longings courage to truly live,

 to live, to live, to soar

rattle the bones of my ‘safe’ structure, loosen my grip,

disturb my distortions, pick me up and swirl me excite me,

ruffle my feathers with an urgency to take flight


  Dawn Rafferty

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