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                                       How I practice Plant Spirit Medicine

Mother Nature is constantly giving, if only we open out hearts and our senses to her.

I work with local wild plants living effortlessly in balance and harmony.

My job as a PSM healer is to make myself available, a conduit, a bridge between the Plant Spirits and the client.

I maintain continuous, ever deepening relationship with the Divine Natural World since the summer of 2001 and before that, as a child.

My personal relationship with the Plants, the Land, the Elements and the Elementals, has brought me to a deep acceptance of their divine nature, the vastness of their wisdom, their constant moving to restore and maintain balance in their world.

We share their world with them, we are a part of it.

They do not see us as being separate from the world we live in – the way we have come to.

This world gives us every single little thing we have – whether we have received with awareness, fair exchange and gratitude or not.

Nature’s willingness and ability to heal us and bring us back into balance within ourselves is,

in my continued witnessing and personal experience, no less than a divine, miraculous occurrence.

Our ancestors lived their lives in harmony and balance with Nature.

They had no illusion of separation from Nature.

This deeply effective medicine restores us to this state of grace,

Which is our birth right.