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                                         About my teachers

Eliot Cowan is a tsuarimikame or senior shaman in the Huichol tradition of the Serra Madre Mountains of North West Mexico.

The Huichol people’s sacred traditions and connections to their gods have remained intact through their thousands of generations. Eliot apprenticed with Don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, an eminent Huichol shaman.

Eliot is the founder of the Blue Deer centre, located in the Catskill hills in New York State. Grounded in the guidance of elders from ancestral traditions, the centre provides a setting to promote the teaching and practices that promote a balanced relationship with the natural world, which they recognise to be a divine living presence.

Eliot is a founder elder of the International Sacred Fire Community that is working to rekindle mankind’s relationship to each other and the world through the universal and Sacred Spirit of Fire. It also works to preserve and promote the wisdom of the ancestral traditions while teaching how these perspectives and processes can be integrated into modern life to generate balance, openness and health.

Intact indigenous cultures view the world around us as a manifestation of the Divine from the smallest pebble to the trees, rivers, mountains, all the way to the great elemental forces. They refer to these manifestations as gods and maintain close relationships with them.

                                              Alison Gayek


Alison Gayek has been teaching Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan since 2002.

Always looking for the path that spoke to her heart, Alison found herself reading Plant Spirit Medicine in 1996 and immediately knew that she would study and practice this healing modality. She began studying with Eliot Cowan in 1997 and graduated from the PSM course in 1999. Since then, Alison has maintained a strong effective PSM practice.

Alison teaches the PSM Practitioner Training Course, graduate clinicals and skills courses, and also works to teach, mentor, and support new graduates as they start their own practices. In addition, she is a qualified clinical consultant and provides clinical consultation for students and graduates.